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Deep Breathing Chest Expansion Exercise

By Eric Benac

Breathing is the most important process in our body. It provides our blood with the vital oxygen it needs to feed our body and mind. Sometimes, however, breathing can be difficult because of lack of physical fitness or physical illness. Deep chest expansion breathing techniques can help strengthen your breathing and make life easier.

Breathing Squats

There is one exercise that utilizes deep breathing that can actually increase the size of your rib cage. This technique is called breathing squats. This is a weight lifting method that utilizes deep breathing to help improve your breathing patterns and expand your chest. Since this is a breathing exercise and not a muscle building exercise, you should load up your bar with no more than your own body weight. If you are new to weight lifting, use significantly less weight than that. Always use a spotter. After loading your bar, pick it up, put it on your shoulders, and begin your squats. Before each rep in your first set of ten, take three very deep breaths and squeeze all the air that you can out of your body . For the next set of ten, take four deep breaths between each count. For the last set, take five deep breaths between reps.

Abdominal Breathing Techniques

The ASMA has a few breathing techniques that use deep breaths to expand your chest. One of these techniques is the abdominal breathing technique. The abdominal breathing technique is simple. Put one hand on your chest and the other on your abdomen. Begin taking deep breaths. When you breathe in, make sure the hand on your abdomen goes higher than the chest. This ensures you are getting as much air as possible. Breathe in through your noise. Try to imagine all the air going into your nose as you inhale. Hold it for as long as a count of seven but no more. Hold it for less if you can't hold it for seven. Exhale through your mouth to a count of eight. Contract your abdominal muscles as you breathe out. Do this a total of five times.

Bellows Breathing Technique

Another deep breathing chest expansion technique the ASMA prescribes is the Bellows Breathing Technique. This yoga-like technique helps expand your chest and improve your breathing. To start, you must sit upright with your spine straight. Make this a comfortable pose so that the technique is enjoyable. Now, breathe in and out of your nose as quickly as possible. This should be as quick as 2 to 3 cycles of breathing per second. Do this for no more than one minute, but do it for only fifteen seconds the first few times. These rapid breaths will help expand your chest by strengthening your chest muscles and making breathing easier.

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