Dance Warm-Ups to Increase Leaping Height

By Ireland Wolfe

Strong leg muscles are important when dancing. Many dancers, especially in ballet, need strong leg muscles to execute leaps and other difficult moves. There are some leg exercises and dance warm-ups that can help dancers increase their leaping height. With some daily work, dancers should notice an increase in their vertical height after only a few short weeks.


The best dance warm-up to increase leaping heights is stretching. Every good workout program should include stretching out the muscles. This is especially important in dancing. Dancers should do at least 15 minutes of stretching each day. Some of the essential stretches include forward leg stretches while sitting down, leaning over your outstretched legs spread wide and standing stretches. Stretching can help lengthen and warm up leg muscles which can help to increase leaping heights.


Running or speed walking are simple exercises that can increase leaping heights and build leg strength. A variation on traditional running that will help with your dance leaps even more is called bounds. Bounds are similar to running. However, bounders remain on the ball of their feet while running and take large forward steps. Again, the knees should come up as high as possible to really give your calves a workout.


Practicing any type of jumping or hopping will improve your leaps in dance. Using small hurdles is an effective way to increase your leg strength. Hop over the hurdles using two feet. You can also hop over the small hurdles using just one foot at a time. Box jumps are another exercise that can help your leaping height. Grab a medium size box, stand in front of it and then take a single step and jump on the box.


In grade school, children skip for fun. Skipping is also a great exercise to improve leg muscles and increase jumping heights. There are several variations of the traditional skip that are still fun. Single leg skips focus on bringing your knee as high up as possible while hopping with your other foot. Horizontal leg skips are similar but focus more on distance while skipping than the overall height of your knee.


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