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How to Customize Jordan Cleats

By Fiona Miller

Air Jordans, or Jordans, named for the famous Michael Jordan, are an incredibly popular type of shoe for both athletes and non-athletes alike. In recent years, customers have been able to quickly and easily order custom-made Air Jordans direct from the Nike website. Unfortunately, you can't custom make Jordan cleats as easily, but you can turn your Air Jordans into cleats.

Go to Nike.com's website and select your region.

Click on "NikeiD." Once the page has loaded, select "Men's" or "Women's" and then click "Basketball."

Decide which Jordan Jumpmans you want to customize and select it by clicking on it. Select the base you want to use on the left-hand corner.

Click the bar under "Design Process" for the drop-down menu to appear. In that window, you can scroll down under "Color and Material" to customize things like the lining, sole colors and accent.

Scroll further down from "Color and Material" to "Text and Graphics." There, you can customize your Heel ID and the graphic on the side of the shoe with a few simple clicks. Add your team number or initials to the shoes in seconds.

Select your size underneath the box that you have been working in. Select the number of pairs of shoes you want shipped to you. Click the orange "Add to Cart" button underneath it.

Go to your local shoe repair store or go online at CustomCleats.com or RedeGolf.com. Ask your local repair store if they can convert your Jordans into cleats. This service should cost around $120, while your custom Jordans will be around $135.

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