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How to Customize a Golf Cart

By Contributing Writer

Those little electrical golf carts that people use to cruise the course while playing 18 are somewhat antiquated. Golfers now are customizing these four-wheeled machines with everything from extra cup holders, roofs, gun racks and more. A person is only limited by his imagination.

Speed things up. A common complaint of a standard golf cart is that it is relatively slow. That can easily be changed by lifting up the seat and taking a look at the motor underneath. Look for the governor that controls the accelerator cable. Stick a golf tee in the governor (it looks like a tiny metal flap above the cable), and you will add about 5 mph to the vehicle.

Do a little painting. Golf carts can be painted just like a regular car but are cheaper and easier to do because of the size. Paint your cart with the colors of sports teams or in a rainbow scheme.

Add a roof. Most golf cart manufacturers make roofs for their carts that can be welded or bolted to the frame of the vehicle quite easily. You can either purchase a cart with a roof on it or order one from the manufacturer or a local dealer.

Install a gun rack. You can add a gun rack to the interior of the cart in case you want to take the cart with you on your next hunting trip or to a skeet shooting tournament. It is relatively easy to screw the rack into place on the floor of the cart.

Add lights and a brush catcher to the grill. These are easy to install by simply drilling holes in the front of the cart and screwing them into place. The brush catcher helps prevent damage to the bottom of the cart, which could cause the machine to stop functioning.

Install a portable fan on a clip that can be mounted on the dashboard.

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