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How to Create a Lineup for a Coed Softball Team

By Contributor

Coed softball can be a great way to promote camaraderie among co-workers, friends, church-goers or other groups of people. But how do you set up the lineup? There's definitely a strategy to it, and if you want to turn this fun coed softball game into a competitive one, here is the way to set up your lineup so it is the most effective.

Arrange your lineup so that men and women are alternated. This is a rule in most co-ed softball leagues and keeps things fair and balanced.

Bat your male and female players who are best and making contact and getting on base in the first and second positions in the lineup. If stealing bases is allowed in your league, this is also a good position to put your speedy runners, as they will have the most opportunities to get on base and run.

Put your strongest female hitter and your strongest male hitter in the third and fourth spots in the lineup. You will be making your strongest hitters more valuable by giving them a greater chance of coming up to bat with runners on base.

Finish setting your lineup with the next strongest male and female in the fifth and sixth spots, the next strongest and seventh and eighth and the weakest male and female due in the number nine and ten slots. These final two spots can also be used for players who are good at bunting and have good speed, as small-ball strategy can be employed to set things up for the top of the lineup.

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