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How to Create a Football Playbook Free

By Steve Silverman

Creating a football playbook at the youth level can be complicated. On one hand, you don't want to give your players so many plays that they are confused by what they have to do on the field. On the other hand, you need to be thorough in teaching the instructions that go with each play. As a result, it is best to go with just a few plays for your playbook that are taught with thorough instructions.

Go to coaching seminars in order to pick the brains of local high school coaches. Most coaches have their "bread and butter" plays that they depend on in important situations. Some coaches will prefer a running play. They can teach you the blocking scheme, where the running back is supposed to go and the options that the back has. You can put this play in your playbook.

Find the easiest passing play to teach to your players. You are working with younger players who are just learning the basics of blocking and execution. You will not have time for your receivers to make double moves. Instead, look for the patterns that are simplest that you can teach to your quarterback, receivers and blockers.

Draw the plays up in chart form and make copies of them to give to your players and assistant coaches. Your play should illustrate the action that the blockers, receivers, quarterback and running back should have on each play. Everyone on your team needs to understand the responsibilities they have as well as those of their teammates.

Use your own eyes and ears to come up with your own plays that suit your players' talents. You have to judge your own players and figure out what they do best. Once you know this, sit down with your assistant coaches and come up with the running plays and passing plays that will give your players the best chance to succeed.

Go to the NFL-backed website called usafootball.com for free tips on building a playbook, teaching the correct techniques and game-day preparation for coaches. Use their free online guidebook to take you through the nuances of coaching and finding the right plays for your team.

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