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How to Create a Youth Football League Schedule Template

By Steve Silverman

In youth football, most leagues consist of eight teams. A balanced schedule will allow each team one game against each opponent, meaning that it will have seven games during the season. Most youth leagues go up to the age of 14, and for players that age and younger, seven games is more than sufficient.

Have a calendar in front of you as you create your template. In youth football, your teams will only play one game per week. Those games are almost always on Saturday or Sunday afternoons. You will not want to schedule your games on Fridays because that almost always conflicts with high school football.

Assign each team in your league a number. You can put the team names on the final schedule, but for the purpose of creating the template, numbers will suffice. Your goal will be to make sure every team plays every week. Since the teams will be playing 7 games, half the teams will get four home games and the other half will get four road games.

Check last year's schedule. If your league has the same teams in the league from the previous year, the teams that had four road games last year will get four home games this year. The teams that had four home games last year will get three home games this year.

Follow this format to make a balanced and fair schedule: Week 1 1 at 5 3 at 7 2 at 6 4 at 8

Week 2 6 at 1 8 at 3 5 at 2 7 at 4

Week 3 1 at 7 3 at 5 2 at 8 4 at 6

Week 4 8 at 1 6 at 3 7 at 2 5 at 4

Week 5 1 at 3 5 at 7 2 at 4 6 at 8

Week 6 4 at 1 8 at 5 3 at 2 7 at 6

Week 7 1 at 2 5 at 6 3 at 4 7 at 8

Schedule a championship game for the eighth week of the season. The first place team in the league should host the second-place team in the league for the championship game. The first-place team has earned home field advantage. If two teams are tied for first place, the team that was on the road in the regular season match-up should get the home game this time. If two teams are tied for second place, the team that won the first match-up should get the playoff spot.

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