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How to Create Basketball Registration Forms

By Michaela Davila

Having a basketball league can be a lot of fun and provide an opportunity for young people to have a great team experience. Kids not only learn basketball skills but also valuable lessons in teamwork, patience, persistence and discipline. If you start a league, you must be very organized when it comes to signing up kids and filtering them onto the appropriate teams. It is a good idea to create a basketball registration form to get all the information you need about the children who will be participating.

Determine what you need to include in your basketball registration form. Items that will likely be necessary are the participant's name and birth date, home address, parents' names and contact number and email. Make a separate section for emergency contact information. Additionally, leave space for parents to list any medical conditions or limitations their children may have.

Provide an area where you mark a payment or payment due if you will be charging for the league. If you will be providing shirts for the team, include an area where the child's shirt size can be circled.

Compose a disclaimer regarding participation in the league that parents must sign and date. It should involve the parents giving permission for their children to play in the league. Additionally, the waiver should include an agreement that the league will not be held liable for any unanticipated harm or injury that is caused to a child through his participation.

Open up a new document in Microsoft Word. It is very easy to create a form with this program. Use a bold font on the top of the form that states "Basketball Registration Form."

Decrease the font, tab down a few spaces and type in "Contact Information." Type "Name" and create a line for the parent to fill it in. Continue this with all the contact and emergency contact information.

Create several lines for writing information such as medical conditions and limitations. For the payment section, type "Paid" and "Payment Due" so you can circle the appropriate word. Include "Check" and "Credit Card" so you can circle which payment method was used. If there is a certain date when final payment is due, type it on the form.

Tab down and type "Shirt Size" and include available shirt sizes such as XS, S, M, L, XL so the parent can circle the correct size.

Print your forms on your printer and bring them with you to the registration.

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