Crazy Golf Games for Tournaments

By Sharon Penn

Holding a golf tournament has become a popular option for corporate events, charity fundraisers, high school reunions and other large private parties. To keep the focus on fun, tournament organizers often opt for alternate tournament formats such as scrambles. In addition to keeping the game lighthearted, scrambles and other crazy formats can level the playing field so the group's accomplished golfers won't dominate the field.


The scramble is a popular format for golf tournaments. In this format, each player in a foursome tees off, and the foursome then decides on the best ball to hit for the second shot. Players then put their ball next to the ball they decide to play and hit the next shot. The same steps are repeated until the hole is completed. A scramble for 18 holes usually produces a score that is below par. This game takes the pressure off inexperienced golfers.

Ambrose Scramble

The Ambrose scramble is played in the scramble format, but handicaps are taken into consideration for scoring. This format can be used for twosomes and threesomes as well as foursomes.

Step Aside

The step aside format is another variation of the scramble. Each player in a foursome tees off, and the best shot is chosen. For the step aside, the player who hit the best ball “steps aside” and does not hit the next shot. The other two players place their golf balls next to the best ball and hit. This format is ideal for groups of mixed ability levels, since one or two players won’t dominate the competition.

Pink Lady Scramble

In a pink lady scramble, each foursome is issued a pink golf ball. Players take turns using the pink ball for one entire hole. The other three players use the scramble format, teeing off, choosing the best ball and hitting from there. When the hole is completed, two scores are added together – the score of the three players using the scramble format, plus the score of the pink ball hitter. Some pink lady formats call for a player who loses the pink ball to be eliminated from the competition. Tournaments might choose to give a prize to the lowest pink lady score along with other prizes like closest to the pin and longest ball.

Honest John

Honest John gives players the opportunity to win money based on their willingness to admit how well they play. Before the tournament, all participants put a specific amount of money into a pot. They then predict what their final score for the round will be. The player who comes closest to her prediction wins the money.

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