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How to Cover a Wall With a Mirror for Exercise

By Beverlee Brick

Mirrors are useful in an exercise environment. They provide motivation and an opportunity to check form during a workout. Hanging mirrors can seem intimidating. After all, you're handling long, thin pieces of expensive glass that could turn into long, sharp shards of expensive glass with one wrong move. Fortunately, installing mirrors is much, much easier than it seems.

Measure the height and length of the wall where you intend to hang the mirror.

Subtract 3 feet from the height. You'll leave 1 1/2 feet of wall bare at the top and bottom of the mirror.

Calculate the area to be covered by mirror, adjusting for the blank wall space.

Buy the mirrors. It's best to cover the wall with several slabs of mirror rather than one giant piece. When you buy your mirrors, negotiate to have the store deliver them. That way, they're responsible if something happens on the way to your gym.

Put on your safety goggles, gloves and thick clothes. Nothing's likely to happen, but the consequences of an accident can be severe.

Set up your laser level to put a line 1 1/2 feet above your floor. If you have two laser levels, do the same for the bottom line. If you don't have two, the second line isn't important enough to go buy one.

Drill pilot holes along the laser line at each stud in the wall. If your wall is plywood or another solid surface, space the holes every 2 1/2 feet. Use a drill bit 1/8 inch narrower than the diameter of your screws.

Reset the laser level to put a line 1 1/2 feet from the ceiling. Drill pilot holes for this line just as you did for the bottom. If using two laser levels, you obviously don't need to set up a second time.

Spread mounting glue on the far left section of wall between your lines, covering just the space covered by one section of mirror. You don't need to coat the wall with glue, just spread a zigzag line across the wall.

Set the mirror in place between your lines, flush against the left corner of your wall. Use the laser level line near eye level to help guide you.

Install the lower mirror brackets, screwing them in place at the pilot holes. Don't worry if the spacing of your wall studs leaves a corner unbracketed. What's in place should be enough.

Install the upper mirror brackets as you did the lower ones.

Repeat steps 9 through 12 for each additional section of mirror until everything is mounted.

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