Cool Color Guard Flag Tricks

By Bailey Richert

Color guard, or winter guard, is a team sport that involves a group of individual flag or wooden rifle handlers who perform choreographed tricks to music. They are popular performance groups for sports halftime shows, such as high school football, and they often perform with the school's marching band. As color guard members progress in technique and time involved in the sport, they will want to move beyond simple moves like the pop toss to master more intricate tricks such as horizontal tosses.

Pizza Hand Toss

Hold the flag loosely in your left hand horizontally. Pinch the end of the flag pole with your right thumb and forefinger. Push the pole upwards with your left hand, using your right hand as the pivot point for its turn. Push the end of the flag pole with your right hand slightly to your left. Allow the flag to turn a full 360 degrees in the air, and catch horizontally again with your left hand.

Horizontal Toss

Hold the flag in your right hand with your arms fully extended at your sides, pointing toward the ground. With your right arm, bend at the elbow, and bring the flag up over your head from the front. As your arm reaches your forehead, let go of the flag, and allow it to spin one time horizontally above your head. As the end of the flag pole spins around to your left side, grab it with your left hand, which you will need to simultaneously bend at the elbow and raise to your forehead. Grasp the flag, and lower it to your left side where your position began.

Drop Spin

Grab the flag firmly in your right hand, flag end up. Rotate your wrist so that the flag comes down on your left 180 degrees. The flag is now upside down in your right hand, and your right thumb is facing the floor. While still holding on with your right hand, grab the flag with your left hand underneath your right hand. You should be grabbing the flag pole such that the back of your left hand is facing you. Let go of the flag with your right hand. Rotate the flag the other 180 degrees until it is back in the upright position. Grab the flag with your right hand so that the back of your hand is facing you.

Neck Roll

Keep both hands at your sides, arms fully extended. The flag should be pole end down in your right hand. Your palms should be facing backward. Bend both arms at the elbow, and bring them up across your chest. Bring the flag up with your right hand. Swing the flag end of the pole around the left side of your neck and around the back. Catch the flag as it swings around the right side of your neck with your left hand. End with both arms extended downward toward the ground as you started.

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