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How to Convert Elliptical Strides to Miles

By Charlotte Johnson

An elliptical machine is a type of exercise device that provides users with a cardiovascular workout. Elliptical machines have foot pedals that you manipulate to simulate a walking motion. You can discover how many miles you've "traveled" on an elliptical machine by performing a few simple calculations.

Measure the distance between the two pedals of your machine when they are fully extended. This is known as a "stride." You may not need to perform a measurement if the instruction manual for your machine provides this information. Most elliptical machines have a stride that measures between 7 and 21 inches in length.

Divide the number of inches in a mile (63,360) by the length of your elliptical machine's stride. For instance, if your machine has a 15-inch stride, divide 63,360 by 15 to get 4,224 strides per mile.

Divide the total amount of strides that you perform in a given session by your answer from Step 2 to determine how many miles you completed. For instance, if you completed 8,448 strides and your machine has a 15-inch stride, divide 8,448 by 4,224 to get a total of 2 miles.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
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