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How to Compete in the Summer X Games

By Contributor

The summer X games is an annual multi-sport event which focuses on extreme sports. The Summer X Games occur in August in the United States and at various other times throughout the year in countries such as Korea and Mexico. Extreme athletes are very dedicated, fearless competitors who excel at the sport in which they choose to compete. Follow these steps to learn how to compete in the Summer X Games.

Excel at an extreme sport that is featured at the Summer X Games. These sports include freestyle BMX, moto X, skateboarding, vert, surfing and rallying.

Learn a never-before-seen trick. In order to compete in the X Games you have to separate yourself from the everyday extreme athletes. For example, Travis Pastrana introduced the double back flip in Motocross.

Compete in several events in the extreme sport you have chosen. In order to be invited to the Summer X Games you will need to prove yourself in these events.

Get noticed for your performance in your extreme sport. When extreme athletes are invited to the Summer X Games they are chosen from international competitions, magazine reviews and nominations.

Accept your invitation to compete in the Summer X Games. You will be chosen by a selection committee specific to your sport. The timeframe in which you will receive your invitation is specific to your sport and discipline.

Attend your scheduled athlete meeting. Here the committee will inform you of the schedule of events in the X Games.

Register for your X Game event. You can then begin the Summer X Games practice. From here you will advance to the competition.

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