Common Household Solvents Used to Regrip Golf Clubs

By Janine Logue

It is recommended that you replace your golf grips once per year, or every 50 rounds played. To save money, you can re-grip your own clubs using common household solvents in place of more expensive grip solvents. Your alternative solvent must allow the grip to easily slide over the double-sided tape, dry quickly and leave no residue.

Camp Fuel

Camp fuel is generally used in camp lamps or camp stoves, but it can also be used as a replacement for traditional grip solvent. Camp fuel can be purchased in bulk at any sporting goods store.

Lighter Fluid

Lighter fluid, like that used in refillable lighters, works just as well as grip solvent. Most brands of lighter fluid come in a bottle with a small spout on the top. This spout makes it easy to pour the lighter fluid into the golf grip. Lighter fluid can be found at most grocery, sporting goods or department stores.


Like camp fuel and lighter fluid, gasoline can be used in replacement of grip solvent. Gasoline will allow the grip to slide over the tape and then dry without leaving a residue. Gasoline can be purchased at any gas station, as long as you have an approved gasoline container.

Water-activated Tape

Used in replacement of normal double-sided tape, water-activated tape eliminates the need for solvent. The tape's glue is activated by water. The tape is slippery while it is wet and extremely sticky once it dries.


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