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Common Treadmill Problems

By R.J. Bowman

The treadmill is the most popular piece of exercise equipment purchased today. The treadmill is also used to hang clothes on more often than it is used to workout. This should not be the case, but unfortunately many people run into problems with using their treadmill and instead of figuring out what they are doing wrong, they simply quit using the machine.

Starting Too Fast

People often get on the treadmill the first day and want to run as long as possible. The next day they are sore and regretful, which leads to quickly giving up. Instead, start slow, alternating jogging and walking to build up to a longer jog time over four to eight weeks.

Forgetting the Safety Clip

Most treadmills will not start without the treadmill key. The key is attached to a long string and a clip. This is intended to be clipped to the runner's waist band. If the runner falls or slows down too much, the string will tug and the key will pop out. It is vital to use this each time.

Moisture on the Treadmill

A treadmill cannot work properly and safely if it gets wet. Sweat can cause damage to the treadmill and danger to the runner. Be sure to have a towel nearby to avoid slipping and falling.

Taking It Easy

Opposite of starting too fast, some people spend hours and hours on the treadmill and wonder why they do not see results. In these cases, the person is usually not walking at a speed that increases the heart rate enough.

Relying On the Treadmill

The treadmill can help a person reach fitness goals, but it should not be the only source of exercise. Cross training is necessary to reach goals. Cross training can include Pilates, weight training, running outside, and doing aerobics videos.

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