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How to Coach Little League Baseball

By Contributor

If you have a son in Little League or you just love the game, you might want to coach a baseball team. As a Little League coach, you will have a strong influence in the community and become a major contributor in the lives of children. Read on to learn how to coach Little League baseball.

Become a Coach at Your Local Little League

Contact the local Little League and ask if there are any coaching opportunities available in the age group you desire. The coaching situations fluctuate year to year, so you might have to wait till the next season to be a head coach.

Talk to someone who is currently a coach. Share your interest in coaching a Little League team. He might need an assistant coach for that season. Most Little League teams will have a head coach and an assistant coach.

Talk to the parents of kids already on the team. Get to know them and show them that they can trust you. Also, if you are a head coach, you might want to ask one of the fathers to help you out as an assistant coach.

Teach Baseball to a Little League Team

Develop a practice schedule. Different leagues will expect different kinds of schedules, but expect to run practice twice a week and have a game at least once a week. Keep the schedule simple so busy parents won't forget to bring their kids.

Arrange to provide uniforms for the kids. Talk to the kids' parents about price range and sizes. Some teams will expect you to supply only hats and jerseys, but other teams might expect socks, pants and team jackets. Parents might also take care of this responsibility.

Teach the kids the fundamentals of baseball. At practice, run fielding drills to stress the basics. If the kids on your team learn how to keep their glove downs, use two hands and have a level swing, you have done your job.

Teach the kids how to have fun. There is nothing wrong with a little competition, but don't go overboard. Teach the kids to play the game well and enjoy it while they do. You laugh now, but too many Little League coaches out there suffer this very shortcoming.

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