My Club Car Just Clicks & Won't Go

By Charles Poole

The Club Car is a motorized golf cart used by golf courses and gated communities for travel medium distances in a short time. If you are having problems with your Club Car, you can troubleshoot them yourself. A Club Car that just clicks instead of moving when you turn it on has a problem with its batteries. Water can seep under the hood and get into the batteries. The only way to solve this problem is to change the batteries on the unit.

Look over the plug on your vehicle to determine if you have a 36- or a 48-volt Club Car. This information is located on the back of the charger.

Buy new batteries in accordance with the voltage you found on the charger. You will need to buy acid batteries made specifically for electric vehicles. If you have a 36-volt Club Car, you need six 6-volt batteries. For a 48-volt Club Car, you need four v12-volt batteries.

Open the hood of the Club Car and replace the batteries. Remove the plug from one of the batteries and place it on a new battery. Secure the new battery in the old battery's slot. Do this until all of the batteries have been replaced.

Charge the vehicle by connecting the charger to the charging slot on the side of the Club Car. Wait for the charging station's display to indicate that the batteries have been charged.

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