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How to Clean Hockey Gloves

By Steve Silverman

Hockey equipment has a tendency to develop, well, a hockey smell. That's because players are working hard for 60 minutes every game and then when it's over, the equipment is usually thrown in a hockey duffel bag. However, once you get that equipment home, it needs to be cleaned, deodorized and dried.

Step 1

Take a wet rag and clean off your hockey gloves after every game. The gloves will get wet with your own sweat, but they will also get perspiration from your competitors on them, as well as blood and other debris. Take a wet washcloth and wipe them off at the end of every game.

Step 2

Let your gloves air dry at the end of every practice and game before you put them in your bag. You have probably an hour from the end of your practice or game until you leave the ice rink. Don't just throw them in the bag. Leave them out in the open air and let them dry.

Step 3

Throw your gloves in the washing machine with a very mild detergent. You can wash almost all your hockey equipment--except your skates and helmet--in the washing machine. After they are clean, let them air dry. Do not put them in the dryer because they could lose their shape or they could shrink.

Step 4

Put some deodorizing powder in your gloves after they have dried. When you throw your equipment in that hockey duffel bag it tends to pick up some of the odors. You can neutralize those odors with powder.

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