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How to Clean Golf Equipment

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Golf is a popular sport worldwide which attracts enthusiasts to play nine, eighteen or more holes. Some people spend large amounts of money on golf equipment. After practice and play, the golf equipment should be cleaned to protect this investment, and it does not always come with instructions. Follow the steps to correctly clean golf equipment.

Remove your golf shoes upon arrival at home. Clean dirt or dried mud from spikes on the soles with a stiff brush. Dampen cloth slightly and wipe away splashes of grime and grass stains. Add a small amount of soap to the water and rub away scuffs or smudges.

Polish your shoes. Apply weather protection substance or a protective seasonal coating.

Use a tee to push through a damp cloth in and out of holes on clubs. Know that this process can be used with clubs that have openings on the head. Remove trapped mud and dirt or grass.

Brush off caked-on substances from clubs. Use a mild detergent solution to wipe the head and air dry. Repeat the cleaning technique on the shaft of the club.

Select a liquid oil soap and mix it with water to clean the grip. Know that you may use any cleaner appropriate for the rubber, vinyl, leather or other substance that encases the handle.

Wipe the golf cart down with mild detergent water and a soft, clean cloth. Rinse completely to eliminate residue. Dry the cart with a towel or let it air dry.

Know that golf bags may be made of leather, vinyl or another material. Check the golf bag label for cleaning instructions. Use a mild soapy solution to wipe away smudges and stains if no instructions are provided.

Clean the inside of the bag with only a lightly damp cloth, because air and light cannot easily penetrate. Ensure that moisture is wiped completely away or evaporates so that mold, mildew or rust (especially on metal zippers) do not cause problems. Remove debris or trash from enclosed areas or side pockets.

Soak golf balls in a pail of soapy water. Wipe each ball dry before returning them to the carrying pouch or golf bag. Repeat the process with tees unless you prefer wiping them individually by hand.

Throw clothing items like a shirt, hat or gloves into the washing machine. Check laundry instructions to ensure clothing goes through the correct cycle.

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