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How to Clean Football Cleats

By Contributor

Football cleats are the part of the team uniform that gets the most dirt, but the least care. They should be cleaned as often as the rest of the uniform. By just looking at them you can see that the outside of the football cleats require cleaning after any game, but you must clean the inside of the cleats, too. Here's how to go about cleaning football cleats.

Shake off obvious loose dirt, grass and mud from the cleats.

Brush off remaining hard-to-remove dirt from the bottom of the cleats.

Wipe away any remaining surface dirt with a clean cloth. This will prevent creating a muddy mess when applying the damp cloth.

Take a soapy damp cloth and wipe the outside of the cleats.

Wash excess dirt off of the cloth, dip it in the soapy water and continue to wipe the outside of the cleats until they are clean.

Dampen a clean cloth with hydrogen peroxide. Wipe the inside of the cleats with the cloth to disinfect and help to prevent bacteria growth.

Allow the clean football cleats to dry.

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