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How to Clean a Baseball Glove

By Contributor

Baseball gloves have a tendency to get filthy over the course of a season. They build up dirt and grime and lose the new leather look that they had when they were first purchased. There are a number of techniques that are used to clean a dirty baseball glove.

Get a cloth and apply a mild soap with a built in moisturizer. Rub it into the baseball glove until the dirt has been removed. You may need to change cloths several times while cleaning the glove.

Use a dry cloth to buff the baseball glove after you are finished removing the dirt. You should not rinse away the soap with water.

Take petroleum jelly and apply it generously over the glove. Petroleum jelly is used to condition the leather of the baseball glove.

Remove any excess petroleum jelly with a clean cloth or rag. This process will also remove any dirt that was not removed by the soap.

Put the petroleum jelly inside of the glove as well. This is to remove any grime or sweat build up is in the glove.

Allow it time to dry. Once the glove has dried completely, it is ready to be used on the field once again.

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