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How to Choreograph a Mascot Routine

By Contributor

The term choreography does not just refer to dance moves, although they may be a part of your mascot routine. Any stunts, skits or actions you may perform should be carefully worked out and thoroughly practiced before you attempt them in public. Otherwise, you are at risk for not only embarrassment, but injury as well.

Choreograph All Elements of Your Mascot Routine

Make an exciting entrance. Whether you usher the team onto the court or playing field, warm up the crowd before the team appears or arrive on the sidelines just as the game begins, you should work out an entrance routine that will make the crowd excited to see you. Now is a good time to bust out some acrobatic moves, but don't expend too much of your energy right at the start. Remember, you've got a whole game to get through.

Choreograph a dance routine to go with your school's fight song. You might want to choreograph several different routines in differing styles so the crowd never knows what you're going to do.

Study choreography software and videos to get ideas that you can adapt to suit your mascot's personality and abilities. Find instructional materials at DanceCheerNet.

Celebrate every score with a great victory dance. The athletes aren't supposed to do it, so you do it for them. You might want to develop different moves for easy scores, cliffhangers and game-ending scores.

Work with the cheerleading squad to choreograph some joint routines. Talk to majorettes, twirlers, drill and dance team members, musicians in the marching band and other performers to get ideas as well.

Work with the band. Choreographed routines gain extra excitement from having the music performed live rather than simply playing a CD.

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