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How to Choose Golf Grip Size

By Nathaniel Miller

The right golf grip size can mean all the difference in the success of a person's golf swing. Too small of a grip can cause problems in the swing. Too big of a grip can cause problems in a person's golf swing. There are so many different types and ages of golfers in today's society. More females and children play golf than ever before. It is only natural that a common grip used on a set of golf clubs for men would not fit or be comfortable for a woman or even a child or junior golfer. Golf grips today come in standard sizes for men, women, and junior golfers. These grips range in sizes from junior small to adult jumbo. The golf grips also come in a variety of different textures, thicknesses, and softness. Some grips are thin and hard, while other grips are made thick and soft. Some grips have patterns grooved in them while other grips are smooth.

Determine the size of your hand by checking the inside of your golf glove. This will tell you what size grip you should go with.

Check your current grips. Take one of your golf clubs and hold your grip as if you were going to swing. If your ring and middle fingers just reach the padding on the palm of your hand near your thumb, then your current grip is the right size. However, the grip is too small if your fingers dig into the palm, and it is too large if your fingers don't reach your palm.

Make sure that your grips and shafts are compatible and proportional in size.

Choose the type of grip that you like the most. Base your selection on comfort. Once you have the right size, then the rest is based on feel. It's whatever you like best between your hands. Whatever is the most comfortable and feels like it will help your swing the most, go with that grip.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
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