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Cheerleading Signs & Cute Sayings

By Steve Silverman

At their best, cheerleaders can galvanize a school to rally behind a sports team with their enthusiasm, athleticism and spirited routines. At their worst, cheerleaders can create a class system in a community that is dependent on looks and style over anything of value. One of the ways cheerleaders can rally a community is with clever cheers and eye-catching signs.

Clever Sayings

A one-sentence cheer can get the attention of a crowd and keep it for an entire basketball game. When the saying is delivered with passion and spirit, it can create memories. Cheerleading competitions usually center on athleticism, jumps and splits, but it's the clever cheer that will stay with the people who are watching. This one works at basketball games (courtesy of top cheers.com):

Jam --- That's what we do!

We jam --- We do for it you!

We turn around, touch the ground,

Get back up, and jam it down.

Cheer No. 2

Hey all you Cougar fans, stand up and shout, Our boys are No. 1 and that is no doubt. We'll fight to win, we are the best, Cranford High is above the rest. Blue and Gold, come on let's fight, (Let me hear it) Green, blue and white, Cougars unite

Clever Signs

Typically, cheerleaders will make signs and post them around their school on the eve of an important game. The best signs tend to incorporate a player's name or number and will help those coming to the game get prepared to cheer their favorite players.

All Star Larry Jordan J -- Just the best O -- One of a kind R -- Rockin' the house D -- Defense every game A -- Always a winner N -- Never stop fighting

Back on top Scottie Jones J -- Jumps through the roof O -- One of a kind N -- Nearly perfect E -- Each shot goes down S -- Smooth as silk


Cheerleading got a huge boost in 1970, when the Dallas Cowboys put together a cheerleading squad. Up until that point, professional teams had eschewed cheerleaders. The Cowboys, known as one of football's most forward-thinking organizations, decided they would go against professional convention and bring in cheerleaders. The group, called the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, has been a huge success and has given cheerleading a huge boost. Pro cheerleaders often use the same cheers that high school and college cheerleaders, but it is their athletic and dance backgrounds that set them apart.

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