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Cheerleading Gifts That You Can Make at Home

By Melinda Gaines

Most cheerleaders will have occasion to need a small gift at some point during the season, whether it be for a pre-camp sleepover or the end-of-the-season banquet. Cheerleading gifts can be made inexpensively, and are often more appreciated and appealing than generic store-bought gifts.

Picture Frames

An ideal gift is a personalized picture frame. Most cheerleaders have their favorite photos from the season, making a special frame a great gift. Buy plain, inexpensive picture frames from discount, dollar and craft stores. Wooden frames and smooth metal ones work best for decorating.

Use sequins, rhinestones, tacky glue, hot glue, ribbon, fabric appliques, stickers, glitter and glitter glue to customize the picture frame. Put spirit phrases, the name of your school or mascot, or the recipient's name on the frame.

Spirit Bears

Making a spirit bear is fairly simple and inexpensive. First, you will need to buy a plain plush bear from a dollar, hobby or craft supply store. If you can find a bear in your team's colors that would be ideal, but it's not necessary.

Buy a small package of quarter-inch ribbon in one or all of your team's colors. Use a tape measure to measure around the bear's neck and add six inches to either end. Measure and cut the ribbon(s). Securely tie the ribbon(s) around the bear's neck in a knot or a bow. Cut the ribbon ends so that they trail approximately two inches from the bear's neck.

Survival Kits

Cheerleading survival kits are fun, functional gifts to make.Take a lunch box, lunch bag or paper gift bag in your team's colors and fill it with items that most cheerleaders need. To personalize the survival kit packaging, write the name of the gift recipient on the front of it in glitter glue.

You may want to include team color nail polish, transparent band aids, hair and body glitter, purse-size lotion, scented hand sanitizer, neutral colored hair ties, team colored scrunchies, white shoe laces or mini lip glosses.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
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