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How to Change a Number on a Bike Combination Lock

By Heather Finch

People are overwhelmed with numbers they must remember, like phone numbers, addresses, personal-identification numbers and Social Security numbers. Fortunately, most bike combination locks of decent quality allow you to reset the combination to something you are more likely to remember than the one that was set at the factory--or to change it if you fear someone may have learned your combination. You will need to know the current combination to the lock to reset it.

Unlock the lock and remove the cable from the lock housing. Most bike combination locks either have a small lever on the side of the lock housing (the part with the number dials) or a small button. If you do not see either on your lock, look inside the shackle hole for another, smaller hole. You will need a change pin or a bent wire hanger to press this button.

Press the button or flip the lever on your lock.

Set your new combination, turning one dial at a time.

Release the button or flip the lever back to its starting position.

Reinsert the cable into the lock housing and test to make sure the new combination works.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
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