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How to Change the Draw Length on a Diamond Compound Bow

By Russell Wood

Diamond Archery makes compound bows for both sport and hunting purposes. To realize the full potential of the bow, you need to adjust the draw length of the bow to your unique requirements. This ensures that every time you pull back the string, your bow will perform as well as possible. Fortunately, Diamond Archery realizes this, so they make their compound bows adjustable. The process of adjusting the draw length takes just a few minutes.

Place the Diamond compound bow on a clean work surface so that the bottom of the bow is positioned closest to you. Locate the rotating module system on the bottom of the bow, which is a series of circular panels with grooves in them that pivot when the string is pulled back.

Locate the module which is toward the center of the bottom of the bow, and has a bolt in the center of a slot with numbers stamped into it. Remove the module screws on the module using a hex-head key.

Locate the groove that sits perpendicular to the module. Turn the module counterclockwise using your hand to lengthen the draw length, and clockwise to shorten the draw length. Align the number on the slot on the module with the groove, keeping in mind that the "1" setting on the module is the longest possible draw length.

Apply the blue threadlocking compound to the threads of the module screws. Hold the module in place and reinstall the module screws using the hex-head key.

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