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How to Change Draw Length on a Bow

By Russell Wood

The process of pulling back the string on a bow is called the draw. Each archer will have a different draw length because of differences in body types. To use the bow as effectively as possible, you have to maximize the draw length for your body type. Once you've determined your optimal draw length, then you need to change the draw length on your bow. This process may take some trial and error to get perfect.

Hold the bow in your regular bow stance, and pull back the string. Determine if the draw of the bow needs to be lengthened or shortened. Place the bow down on a clean work surface.

Locate the adjustment cam on the the bow, which is smaller than the outer cam, and has a series of screw hole mounts across the side and a (+) and (-) symbol by the center.

Loosen the fastening screw on the adjustment cam using a hex-head key, which is the screw mounted in a slotted hole. Remove the remaining screw, which is mounted in one of the multiple screw hole mounts, and is called the draw length screw.

Turn the adjustment cam towards the (+) symbol to lengthen the draw of the bow or toward the (-) symbol to shorten the draw. Reinstall the draw length screw with the hex-head key, then tighten the fastening screw.

Hold your bow in your regular stance and pull back the string on the bow again. Verify that the draw length is to your specifications, and if not, repeat this process until the draw length is where it needs to be.

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