How to Change Locker Combinations on Master Lock Lockers

By Alex Lubyansky

Master Lock produces several types of locks that can have their combination changed. The 1630, 1631, 1654, 1655, 1670 and the 1671 can be changed.

Step 1

Insert the control key, turn it to the right and open the door.

Step 2

Push the button on the back of the lock case. Hold it down.

Step 3

Using your other hand, turn the dial to number 48. Never turn the dial more than two numbers while the button is pushed. Release the button.

Step 4

Turn the dial clockwise until it clicks. The combination has been changed once it clicks.

Step 5

Close the locker door and remove the key.

Step 6

The combination automatically changes to the next assigned combination. Refer to the chart for dialing numbers to find the new combination. Test the new combo.


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