How to Cement a Basketball Hoop to the Ground

By David Shaw

In-ground basketball hoops are permanently anchored to the ground using cement. Choose a location away from trees and shrubs and that allows enough room to play. In-ground basketball hoops tend to take up less space than portable basketball hoops due to the lack of a bulky base. They are also very sturdy. Installing your own in-ground basketball hoop will help you develop and hone your basketball skills in the convenience and comfort of your own home.

Dig a 2-by-2 foot hole into the ground using a shovel. The hole must be at least 2 feet deep to ensure stability.

Measure 18 inches from the bottom of the pole with a tape measure, and draw a line with a marker at the correct measurement.

Mix the cement. Follow the instructions on the bag of cement and combine the cement with water in an empty 5 gallon paint bucket. Mix the cement wearing a pair of rubber gloves, stirring the mixture until it has the consistency of a thick paste.

Fill the hole with cement. Pour the mixed cement into the hole filling it all the way up. Place the basketball hoop pole into the cement stopping at the 18 inch mark. Hold a carpenter's level to the sides of the pole and adjust the pole so it is perfectly straight.

Allow the cement to dry for 48 hours.

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