How to Carry Your Skateboard

By Todd Bowerman

While you should spend most of your skating time on top of the board, you have to be able to transport your board to various skating parks. If you don't take care in carrying your board, it's possible the board will be damaged. Find the best and safest way to carry your board to avoid damage to the board and injury to yourself.

Place your hand on the middle of the board and carry it grip-out near your waist. This method is good for walking short distances or carrying your board on uneven terrain.

Put your hand near the middle of the board and carry it grip-in, allowing the back trucks to rest on your forearm. It is easier to carry a board this way over longer distances, but the grip tape eventually might damage your clothing.

Hold the board vertically by the front trucks with the grip facing in. This is a comfortable way to hold a skateboard but can cause complications when climbing stairs or hillsides.

Hold the nose of the board in between your thumb and fingers, with the bottom of the board facing away. If you carry your board like this, you can drop it in front of you to get a running start on tricks.

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