How Can I Make My Torso Longer?

By Jeffrey Norman

A long, lean torso can convey sensual command and confidence. Conversely, people who aren't satisfied with their shorter trunks may feel anxious about their frames' lack of length. Torso appearance is largely attributed to genetics and the size of your bones, which are factors not within your immediate control. Fortunately, healthful exercise and body carriage can help maximize what stretch your torso can muster. Clothing choices can also help support your goal for a lankier top half.

Step 1

Perform yoga. Downward dog, the crescent twist, and other fundamental positions can lengthen the muscles of the torso. By practicing these yoga positions you also stretch, stress and exercise your obliques and lats as well, further accentuating the lanky look of your torso.

Step 2

Practice perfect posture; a hunched back or improperly held shoulders can diminish the appearance of your torso. When standing, distribute your weight evenly over your feet, not just on the heels. Think of pulling your belly button to your spine and refrain from locking your knees.

Step 3

Dress appropriately, when you're not working out, to create the illusion of torso length. Women can don shirts and dresses with plunging v-necks to underscore a vertical aesthetic; they can also opt for sleeveless clothing and empire-style dresses. Men with short torsos should employ a monochromatic color scheme; wearing clothing of similar shades can suggest length. Guys must also wear well-fitted garments in order to achieve a longer silhouette.

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