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Can You Fix a Crack in a Lacrosse Head?

By Kirk Maltbee

Whether it’s on the field or in the box, lacrosse is rough sport. While the players take their fair share of beatings, so too does the player’s equipment, none more so than the stick. A cracked or damaged stick shaft needs to be replaced to play the game, however the same doesn’t apply for stick heads. Usually made of plastic, a quick remedy exists that can prolong the playing life of the head.

A Quick Fix

Insert the smallest drill bit you have available into the end of the drill and adjust accordingly to tighten and secure the bit. Plug in the drill (if not on battery power) and lay the stick out on a flat and stable work surface. Remove the mesh if necessary to get a better working angle, then identify the crack on the head and mark both sides of the crack with a small dot from the black marker. Fill in the crack with the plastic bond according to the package’s instructions and wipe away any excess residue. Drill a small hole into the head using the black dot as a point of reference, then drill another hole in the other black dot so that you now have two small holes on either side of the crack. Unravel about two feet of fishing line from the spool and thread the end of the line through either drilled hole. Pull the line tight and thread it through the remaining hole. Pulling in the slack on the line, thread the line through the first and second holes again. Continue coiling the line through the holes until the 2 feet of line is used, then cut away the spool. Tie off the ends of the fishing line, then, if desired, tightly wrap one 4-inch piece of athletic tape around the fishing line for additional strength and support. Restring the head with the mesh and pattern of your choice if you removed the mesh prior to fixing the crack. Realize this method may prolong use of the head, but eventually the head will need to be replaced to meet with safety guidelines.

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