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How Can Riding a Recumbent Bicycle Help Decrease Belly Fat?

By Amy Rath

With all of the options out there for losing weight and trimming your body fat, it is hard to know which option is right for you, especially when looking to target a specific area such as belly fat. A good cardiovascular workout comes highly recommended by trainers and health experts alike for burning body fat, but even then it is difficult to know which workout can produce the best results. One potential option that can help target belly fat is a recumbent bike, which provides a unique spin to a traditional bicycle.

Belly Fat Basics

Belly fat is that flab that forms around your mid-section between your chest and your pelvic area. Most often the stomach region is the first area you will start to see an increase of fat, but it is often the first place you will notice a loss as well, according to Michael Jensen, MD, an obesity researcher with the Mayo Clinic. This is because as our body deposits fatty cells, it searches for the place closest to our food source, our stomach. When attempting to shed those extra pounds, the body starts with the most recently added fat cells first.

Recumbent Bike and Core Training

With its unique semi-reclined design and low physical impact to the rider, the recumbent bike has the potential to provide a successful fat burning workout. Recumbent bikes allow the rider to target several muscle groups at once, the primary focus being on the core (or stomach muscles). In order to burn belly fat, you need to engage these core muscles effectively. Riding a recumbent bike keeps these core muscle in use at all times, thereby making it easier to burn belly fat.

Anticipated Results

It may seem as though a piece of equipment that allows you to sit while you use it might not provide an effective workout. However, while belly fat loss results may not be as accelerated as with other types of equipment, it is still possible to burn fat and lose weight with a recumbent. Most stationary recumbents allow you to select various intensity levels. The more intense your workout is, the quicker you will see belly fat melt off your mid-section.

Beyond Belly Fat

While burning off that excess belly fat may be your primary focus, there are other benefits to using a recumbent bike, as opposed to other exercise equipment. Recumbents offer a decrease in strain on the neck, back, and joints compared to other types of equipment. Because the overall experience of using a recumbent is more comfortable for the body, your stamina for working out longer and harder should increase, thereby allowing you to burn belly fat faster.


While it may seem as though your belly fat was easy to add, you may find it difficult to remove. Belly fat can be stubborn, but regular physical activity such as using a recumbent bike can help rid you of belly fat. However, it is important to note that exercise isn't what put that belly fat there to begin with--food is. Therefore, to be completely successful in removing belly fat, adopting a health, balanced diet is important to ensure your efforts on the recumbent won't be in vain.

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