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Calories Burned From Jumping on a Trampoline

By William McCoy

Bouncing on a trampoline might conjure up memories of summer afternoons when you were a child, but this springy fitness accessory is a way to burn more than 100 calories per workout. Regular use of the trampoline can even contribute to weight loss. Several factors, such as your weight, body composition and workout intensity, play a role in the rate you burn calories.

Jump or Jog to Burn Calories

Your caloric burn as you jump on a trampoline varies according to your weight. A person who weighs 130 pounds and uses the trampoline for 60 minutes burns 148 calories, according to CalorieLab. Heavier people burn calories quicker; a 190-pound person who jumps on the trampoline for an hour burns 216 calories. Jogging on a rebounder trampoline burns calories at a quicker rate; a 130-pound person burns 207 calories in 60 minutes of jogging on a rebounder, while a 190-pound person burns 303 calories in the same workout. Your body composition also dictates your rate of burning calories; muscular bodies burn calories faster than bodies with higher fat levels, due to muscle's metabolically active nature.

A Slower Caloric Burn

The caloric burn you experience while jumping on a trampoline isn't overly high; the burn is roughly equal to activities such as playing billiards, playing catch with a baseball or pushing a child in a stroller. Traditional forms of cardiovascular exercise, such as running, burn calories much faster than jumping on a trampoline. A 130-pound person burns 472 calories in an hour of running at 5 mph, while a 190-pound person burns 690 calories in 60 minutes of running at the same pace.

Get Active to Burn More Calories

It's possible to increase your caloric burn in a variety of ways as you jump on the trampoline. As with any form of exercise, be as active as possible. Kick your legs up high, flail your arms and twist your body as you bounce. This approach requires more exertion, which generates a higher caloric burn. Wearing light wrist or ankle weights, provided you don't experience pain in your joints, is also an effective way to burn more calories during several types of workout, notes the American Council on Exercise.

Keep Safety in Mind

Every form of exercise carries a safety risk, and trampolining is no different. Ensure your trampoline is on level ground and surround it with a specially designed net to ensure you don't inadvertently jump off the surface. Cover any hard areas, such as the trampoline's frame and springs, with pads. Avoid attempting dangerous moves, such as flips and spins, and immediately stop your workout if you feel dizzy or believe you've strained a muscle.

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