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How to Calibrate True Fitness Treadmill

By Dan Gaz

From time to time, your treadmill will require calibration. Calibration ensures both proper speed and incline accuracy. TRUE Fitness requires such a calibration when a treadmill is moved to a different location or following any type of internal treadmill servicing.

Remove safety key while straddling treadmill belt on either side of the deck.

Press and hold the up and down "incline" buttons on the balance control pad. The display should read "CALIBRATION" if performed properly.

Press the "start" button while straddling the treadmill belt. The treadmill should slowly increase both speed and incline to their maximum values and then return to zero.

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 if the display does not read "CALIBRATION SUCCESSFUL."

Remove safety key to exit calibration mode.

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