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How to Calculate Stair Climbing to Miles

By C. Taylor

Stair climbing burns almost twice the number of calories as walking or running, because you are lifting your entire body weight, rather than simply moving it forward. It can be gruelingly tough on the legs, but works your entire body. Most stair climbers will display the total number of steps performed, but wouldn't it be better to have a real-world measure of your progress? With a few calculations, you can translate those steps into the height achieved, measured in miles.

Measure the height of the steps from the top of one step to the top of the next. Record this measurement in inches.

Count the number of steps you performed. This may be displayed on the stair climber exercise equipment. If you have trouble locating this display, consult the owner's manual for specific instructions for your stair climber, or ask someone for assistance if you are at a gym.

Multiply the number of steps by the height of each step. As an example, if the height of each step was 16 inches, and you took 5,000 burly steps, then your total achieved height achieved would be 80,000 inches.

Divide the height by 63,360 to convert to miles. In the example, you would have climbed 1.26 miles.

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