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How to Calculate Softball Stats

By C. Taylor

Although softball is a team sport, statistics can be kept on individual players to assess their contribution to the team. Statistics such as batting average, slugging average and runs produced are valuable information to collect on individual players. These figures give insight into strong and weak areas, which may suggest how to maximally use a player or identify areas needing work.

Calculate batting average by dividing the total number of hits by the total number of times at bat. As an example, if you were at bat 100 times and got a hit 60 of those times, then your batting average would be 0.600.

This can be expressed as an actual percentage by dividing by 100, which gives you 60 percent. This tells you that you get a hit 60 percent of the time when at bat.

Calculate your slugging average by counting the total number of bases taken after a hit and dividing by the times at bat. As an example, if you were at bat five times, and those resulted in one, three, four, zero and three bases earned, respectively, then you would add the bases for a total of 11 bases. Then divide the number by your five times at bat. This gives you a slugging average of 2.2, which says you achieve 2.2 bases per hit on average.

Calculate the number of runs produced by adding any runs scored during your time at bat plus your own runs. As an example, if you hit a home run with bases loaded, then you would have produced four runs on that time at bat. If you did all fives times you were at bat, then you would have produced 20 runs.

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