How to Build a Wood Shooting Barricade

By Jordan Gaither

Firearms, even low-caliber ones, are incredibly dangerous tools and should be treated with the utmost respect. That's why you should never target-shoot without some kind of barrier behind your targets, keeping your bullets from being dangerous upon impact. Luckily, generations of sport shooters have been building their own barricades and have plenty of insight into their construction for first timers. A barricade has to be built to the caliber of gun being fired at it, for starters.

Set up enough plywood sheets to create a shooting barricade as long as you'd like. To this kind of wood you can nail targets, silhouettes, solid shapes and other objects.

Position your wooden barricade in front of a hill, compost mound or other soft earthen backstop, called a "berm." Without this, your bullets will penetrate the wood and keep flying.

Use cinder blocks, at least two per wooden sheet and spaced to the ends of the wood, to keep the plywood upright and sturdy.

Replace the wooden panels whenever they get so damaged that their structural integrity is almost exhausted.


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