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How to Build a Soccer Rebounder

By Mike Biscoe

A soccer rebounder is a time-saving tool that allows the player to work on her shots without having to lose precious time retrieving balls. With proper tension, a rebounder will bounce soccer balls right back to a player's feet. Expensive store-bought options are available, but a homemade soccer rebounder can be built for half the price.

Hanging Netting

Lay the netting on the ground in front of the goal, completely flat. Attach one extender hook to both upper corners.

Set a ladder at the base of one goal post. Attach a one foot cable tie over the crossbar where it meets the post. Do not draw it tight. Working across the entire length of the crossbar, attach cable ties every 10 inches.

Lift one corner of the net and connect the extender spring hook to a cable tie at one of the corners. Attach the opposite extender spring hook to the cable tie in the opposite corner of the goal. The net should now be hanging loosely in position. Hook extender springs to all remaining ties on the crossbar and netting.

Attach a cable tie underneath a side base bar. This is the bar that connects to the post along the ground, keeping the goal from tipping over. Attach the cable as close as possible to the rear of the post. Repeat on the opposite side and attach extender springs to both cable ties and netting.

Attach cable ties to the ground level, front bar of the goal at 10-inch intervals. This bar spans the length of the goal mouth. Attach extender springs to the netting and each cable tie. Note that in regulation-size goals this bar does not exist.

Sides and Tightening

Tighten all cable ties until the netting is snug, but not tight. Place the ladder next to a post. Attach cable ties along the length of the post, hooking them to the net with an extender spring as you work downwards. Repeat on the opposite side.

Take a ball to the penalty spot and kick it into the net towards the center. If it doesn't bounce back to your feet, tighten all cable ties until it does.

Spray paint target zones into the top and bottom corners of the net with the orange spray paint to complete the job.

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