How to Build a Portable Basketball Hoop

By Elijah Keys

Time to break out the tools and get out in the open air. Put up that basketball hoop that's been sitting around collecting dust and taking up room in your garage. Not only will you feel the satisfaction of a job well done, but you, your family and even the neighborhood kids will benefit from your endeavor for years to come as well.

Move the base into the position exactly where you want it, as it will be extremely difficult to move afterward. Make sure it is on even ground.

Fill the base with either the sand or water depending on your choice. Water is much easier to clean up but will also need to be refilled somewhat frequently.

Connect the pole (the main arm which will eventually house the backboard and rim) to the base using the braces. Attach them diagonally to the base using the screws, nuts and washers.

Use a ladder or lean the goal over to connect the backboard to the top of the pole using six to eight nuts depending on the provided spaces.

Attach the net to the rim by way of the small hooks on the underside of the rim by going over, then under.

If the rim is not already connected to the pole, connect it. Use approximately four to eight nuts or screws depending on the goal.

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