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Octagonal Fight Cage Specifications

By Christopher Michael

There's no escape from the octagon, and that's what makes Ultimate Fighting such a rush. It's a small space filled with two fighters and a referee. The unforgiving wooden floor and crown of chain link fence forces the action and doesn't allow the athletes to hide. And at only 750 square feet, the octagon sits front and center, grabbing the attention of thirsty fight fans.

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The octagon measures 30 feet across and is encircled by a 6-foot tall, vinyl-coated, 14-guage chain link fence. The fence is sturdy enough to stop breakthroughs and tall enough to prevent fighters from getting tossed over. The top edge of the fence is covered with a foam rail and every corner post is padded. Wood decking makes up the base of the floor, which gives a little when a fighter is tossed to the ground. This then is covered in either canvas or vinyl to prevent splinters and allow for easy cleanup. The corners of the cage are set intentionally wide so fighters can't get caught in a corner. And the ring doesn't discriminate. It's designed not to give any one fighting style an advantage.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
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