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How to Build a NASCAR Engine

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Most NASCAR racing teams build their own engines. Building engines from scratch allows teams to customize their cars to the preferences and abilities of the individual drivers. However, this does not give racing teams free reign when it comes to building their engines. NASCAR has some set rules when it comes to the engines in the cars that participate in races. If you are part of a NASCAR racing team or would like to be someday, you should know how to build a NASCAR engine.

Build a NASCAR Engine

Select an American-made engine. Per NASCAR rules, all engines in participating cars must be made in America.

Opt for a V8 engine. These engines have the most power and are the only kinds that will help your car get up to the high speeds needed to win a race.

Choose an engine that is 358 cubic inches or less in size. NASCAR rules do not allow for anything bigger.

Stay between 700 and 800 horsepower (HP) when building your engine.

Make sure all the engine parts fit together tightly and perfectly. The tighter the fit, the more power the engine is able to produce. The parts in NASCAR engines need to fit together more tightly than in normal car engines.

Leave out fuel injectors, catalytic converters and mufflers. Your NASCAR engine does not need them, and they will just slow down your car on the track.

Install a programmable ignition system. Such a system will allow you to create precision timing for sparks, which will provide an extra boost of power for the car at pre-determined intervals.

Tune the intake and exhaust so that they give the car an extra boost of power when it reaches certain speeds of your choosing.

Rig your cam profiles to open the intake valves on the engine as soon as possible. Once opened, the intake valves should stay open until the car is turned off or slows below a pre-determined speed. This increases speed by allowing greater amounts of air to flow into the engine's cylinders.

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