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How to Build a Golf Bag Storage Unit

By Trygve Olsen

Golf is a wonderful game played out in the elements--the woods, the grass, the brush and the water hazards. Your equipment takes a beating with all that the game throws at you, so taking good care of your equipment will keep it in the best shape possible for as long as possible. Ironically, the worst beating that your equipment can take is actually in your garage, getting moved around and jostled as you shift things around. Here's a handy storage unit for your bag to keep it out of the way and in good condition.

Step 1

Cut the 4-by-8 sheet of wood into 1-by-8 strips. Cut one 1-by-8 strip into two 1-by-4 strips. Using the protractor, cut a 15-degree angled wedge off of each edge. At the completion of this step you should have three 1-by-8 wood strips and two 1-by-4 approximate parallelograms.

Step 2

Take one of the 1-by-8 strips, cut it in half and cut that half into 1-by-1 pieces. These will be used as shelves in a later step. Cut three 10-inch level cuts in the parallelogram strips the width of the 1-by-1 pieces. These will be used as shelves. You should be able to slide them in. Check to make sure that they're level. Then put two shelves in the lower two slots and glue them in on both sides. You should have something that looks like a bookshelf that's falling over backward.

Step 3

Lay one of the 1-by-4 strips down as the base of your storage unit. Take your angled 1-by-4 pieces and attach them to the base using the L brackets in the middle of the 1-by-4 strip.

Step 4

Take the last 1-by-4 piece and insert it into the top slot on the shelving unit. Using the jigsaw, cut out two semicircles on the long strip. This will hold your bag and give you a spare for a friend's bag.

Step 5

You should have two more strips of wood. Cut two bracing pieces that connect the base to the long shelving piece--they should be approximately 4 inches by 36 inches. With the remaining wood you can make accents to your storage unit, like borders or doors to the shelves for your shoes, balls and tees.

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