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How to Build a Foosball Table

By Contributor

Gather round the foosball table, and let the fun begin. This popular game allows you time to unwind while playing with friends, much like you probably did in college. With the proper materials, a foosball table is a fun weekend project you can do to bring your own personal foosball table into your home.

Draw out the design of your foosball table. You can use the following dimensions: table length, 55.5 inches; table width, 30 inches; table height, 36 inches; play field size, 48 inches x 27 inches; play field depth, 4.25 inches; side walls, 1.5 inches; back walls, 3.75 inches; goals, 8.375 inches x 3 inches (0.5-inch-radius rounded top corners); rods, 6 inches apart from center, 3.125 inches up from surface; goalie rod, 3 inches from back wall.

Measure and pencil on the wood the dimensions that you will need to cut.

Cut out the sides, body and the legs of the table to the dimensions noted in Step 1. Refer to the pictures available from the Resource section for help.

Put together the table part of the foosball table. Cut out holes on the side of the table for the ramps used for the ball. Remember that the table is split into two. The bottom part is used for the ramps and the top part is the actual playing field. You will use the table as a guide to help you in the next step--building the surface. Again, see the photos accessible from the Resource section to see how it fits together.

Assemble and paint the legs that support the foosball table. You can wait until the end to put the legs on the table before or after you place the cabinet on. Keep in mind the cabinet is heavy, so it might be better to put the cabinet on after you place the legs on the table as not to strain yourself.

Build the playing field after you have cut out the wooden materials. This step takes the most time and patience since you need to make sure that the surface is flat and even, as well as painted properly. The design is the same as a soccer field. If you want to be creative, you can use other colors besides the traditional green and white.

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