How to Build Bleachers for a Youth Baseball Field

By Lea Saray

An outdoor set of bleachers for a youth baseball field is a simple project and a way to spruce up an old diamond. Bleachers make a youth baseball field feel more authentic. The bleachers can be made out of 2-by-4s and 2-by-10s. It is easiest to construct the bleachers on site because once they are built they become difficult to move.

Build a frame for the base out of 2-by-4s. Construct a large rectangle with braces every 18 inches for support. Be sure to make measurements accurately to ensure that the base is square. The footprint of the set of bleachers should be 6 inches smaller than the total length of the bleachers. Make sure that the size of the bleachers is suitable for the particular baseball field.

Construct the supports for the foot rests and benches. Again use 2-by-4s to frame risers out for the benches. These risers should come out of every support member of the base. For the first bench, make the risers 18 inches tall. The next set of riser should be placed 18 inches behind the first, and be only 12 inches tall. The third set will be a total of 36 inches from the front of the base. The third set of risers will be 24 inches tall. By continuing this staggering pattern, create a bench, followed by a foot rest, followed by another bench.

Install additional risers for additional footrests and benches. Each bench should be 18 inches taller than its footrest. The benches should be 36 inches from the bench below and the foot rests follow the same pattern. The foot rest should be 6 inches lower than the bench in front of it.

Cut 2-by-10s to lengths 1 foot longer than the total width of the frame. By making the bleachers slightly longer than the frame, you will be able to add more seating without losing stability. Install these 2-by-10s as both the benches and the foot rests. Countersink 2-inch deck screws through the 2-by-10s into the 2-by-4 frame. Check to see if any more 2-by-4 supports will be necessary, if so install them now.

Sand the bleachers with a coarse grit sand paper. Work your way up to using a fine grit paper until the bleachers are completely smooth. Finish the bleachers using several coats of wood stain and wax. This will not only prolong the life of the bleachers but prevent splinters.

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