How to Build a Basketball Pole

By John Jackman

Basketball is a popular team game, but it is also a sport than can be practiced alone. Building a basketball hoop in your backyard is a great way to keep your kids occupied and fit. Unlike other sports like football and hockey, basketball does not need a lot of room to be played. Set a weekend aside to build a basketball hoop, and you could be setting your kids on their way to the NBA.

Buy a basketball post and hoop from a sports store. The pole should be L-shaped, with the upright (the longer side) at least 12 feet. It should ideally be made of metal. If you do not wish to buy a pole, you can make your own by welding two six-inch-by-six-inch square poles together, one 12 feet in length, the other three feet. You will still need to buy a basketball hoop and net, though.

Dig a hole where you want to place the pole. The hole should be two feet by two feet by two feet. Place the longer end of the basketball post into the hole and check that it is fully upright using a spirit-level, a tool for determining if a surface is flush.

Fill the hole with quick-drying fencepost cement. Pour water on top of the cement and leave to dry. This will take around 20 minutes.

Attach the backboard and hoop to the pole using nuts and bolts. If you bought the basketball pole, the holes will already be provided. If you made your own pole, you need to drill four holes in a square formation. To do this, drill a hole two inches from the top of the pole and two inches in from the left, then another two inches from the top and two inches in from the right. Finish off the square by drilling another two holes, each one two inches below the holes already created.

Hang a net onto your basketball hoop. There are mini-hooks running along the underside of the basketball hoop. Attach the net using these hooks. Your basketball pole is now complete. Regulation height for a basketball hoop is 10 feet off the ground.

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