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How to Build Archery Target Frame PVC

By Nicole Thelin

Hone your archery skills by shooting at targets supported by a cheap, easy-to-make target frame. Made from solid, sturdy PVC pipe, an archery target frame is very difficult to damage and requires no maintenance. If a piece of pipe does happen to become damaged, easily replace it by disassembling the unit and placing a new section of pipe in its place. The entire assembly can be taken apart to fit in the trunk of a car for convenient transport.

Connect two 2-foot sections of pipe with a T connector. Repeat to create an identical segment.

Insert a 2-foot section into the middle opening of each T connector. Place a T connector on top of each 2-foot section. The middle opening of the T should face outward, with the other opening facing upward.

Connect the middle of the T connectors with a 3-foot section of pipe.

Place the two 4-foot sections next to each other. Drill holes every 12 inches along each pipe. Make sure the holes are parallel. Insert an eye bolt in each of the holes and secure with a washer. Place these 4-foot sections in the remaining openings of the T connectors. Tie a durable string between the top and bottom pairs of eye bolts. Place binder clips along the top string to hold the target in place.

Place an elbow connector on the top of each 4-foot section. Place a 3-foot section of pipe between the elbow connectors.

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