BSI Bike Rack Instructions

By Cassandra Tribe

The Bell Sports BSI Bike Rack is one of the most popular racks for cars with trunks because of its affordability when compared to other types of racks and its ease of use. Installation instructions are included in the original packaging, but if you lost the instructions or forgot how to attach the rack, the process is simple and you can be loading your bikes in about twenty minutes.

Hold the BSI bike rack so that the arm (colored red or yellow) with the bike holders is parallel to your body.

Pull the two hinged arms open. The shorter arm set is considered the back of the rack and called the back arm.

Place the back arm on the top of your trunk lid so that the front arm rests on the bumper or angle the front arm in to rest against the face of the trunk. The arm with the bicycle holders should be pointing directly outward or slightly angled upward from the trunk of the car.

Open the trunk and attach the rear straps from the bike carrier by hooking the two ends over the back edge of the trunk. Attach the front straps under the lip of the bottom of the trunk.

Close the trunk and tighten the straps.


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