What Is a Bristle Dartboard?

By Jeff Nowak

While the name might not be indicative of its characteristics, a bristle dartboard is the standard option, used when playing with steel-tipped darts. Electronic, plastic-surfaced models also exist, requiring the use of specialized rubber-tipped darts. The electronic models offer helpful qualities like automatic scorekeeping, but not the traditional feel of the bristle board.

Breaking Down the Board

The main feature of a bristle dartboard is the compressed sisal fiber that forms the board's surface. First invented by the company Nodor, the compressed sisal fibers are self-repairing, meaning that after you remove the dart from the board the hole it made will close upon itself. The board is also characterized by its rounded metal wire and staples separating each numbered zone. Over the years the prominence of the wires and staples has been reduced to help avoid bounce back from the dart striking the wire or staples.


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